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Investigation Services

Private Investigator Services in Pensacola, Florida and Mobile, Alabama
            Covert Video Surveillance and Photography
            Mobile Surveillance (“Tailing”)
            Covert Video Cameras- Sales, Rental, and Installation
            Counter Surveillance and Counter Stalking
                        Workman’s Compensation
                        General Liability
                        Premises Liability
                        Product Liability
                        Maritime Insurance Liability and Recovery
                        Automobile Insurance Fraud
Corporate Investigations
            Financial Crimes
            Employee and Management Awareness Training
Competitive Intelligence
            Counter Espionage
            Loss Prevention & Fraud, Theft, and Embezzlement
                        Internal Theft- Employee Malfeasance and Vendor Theft
                        Thefts from External Sources (Customers, Burglaries and Robberies)
                        Intellectual Property Management
Copyright and Patent Infringement
Signal Theft, Unauthorized Exhibition, and TV Programming Piracy
            Pre-Employment Investigation
            Undercover Employee Investigations
            Employee Termination
Civil and Domestic Cases
            Service of Process, Legal Process Servers and Subpoena Delivery
            Employment Claims
            Slander and Libel
            Judgment Enforcement and Recovery
Nursing Home Abuse Investigations
Activity Checks
            Child Custody and Custody Exchange Stand-By
            Cheating Spouses and Infidelity
Skip Tracing and Locating Missing People
            What is Skip Tracing?
            Finding Friends & Family
            Collections and Asset Investigations
            Bail Enforcement and Fugitive Recovery (Bounty Hunting)
            Missing Children
Missing Heirs
Escheat Accounts and Unclaimed Money
Collateral Recovery And Repossession
Adoptee/ Birthparent Searches
Forensic Computer Examination- Home and Business
            Network Intrusion
            Wireless Network Security
            Personal Safety and Information Security Audits
            Email Tracing
            Internet Profiling
Criminal Defense Investigations
Political and Discovery Assignments

* All services are not offered via some offices where local state law is prohibitive or additional/unusual state licensing applies.

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Private Investigator Continuing Education. State approved in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Georgia, Tennessee, Oregon, South Carolina, Kentucky, Kansas, Arizona, Iowa and New Mexico.


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